Used 1981 Yamaha XV920 for Sale in Goodland, Kansas

Used 1981 Yamaha XV920 for Sale

1981 Yamaha XV920 for sale in Goodland, Kansas
Motorcycle Info
Make Yamaha
Model XV920
Mileage 14,366
Year 1981
Color Red
Condition Used
Location Goodland, Kansas
Zip 67735
Seller Type Private Party
Price $1,500
Motorcycle Description
Used 1981 Yamaha XV920 motorcycle. 920 cc V-Twin, vin# JYA5H1005BA000928, mileage 14,366, Clear KS title CONDITION- Show bike, missing trip odometer reset knob, front brake master cyl. leaks (totally out of fluid), no battery, carburetors need cleaning (carbs. were completely re-build, but tank had some internal rust that got into the carb. jets), starter button is broken (complete but the button will not stay in the switch assy.), scratches on the bottom of the lower exhaust pipe, some bits on the top exhaust pipe, and front tire is flat. Repainted 1973 Norton Red in 1999. The mufflers on the bike are the ones that came with the bike and are not orginal OEM for this year and model (I believe they are off a 1980's something Yirago). The rest of the bike is in almost perfect OEM condition. I have replaced the starter and bendix back in 1999 when I restored the bike (these motors are known to have inherant problems with the starter & bendix, but since I replaced both of them, I have not had any additional problems). The missing or broken parts should be easy to find as they were also used on the early years of the Yamaha Virago. It has a free and clear KS title. This condition of XV920 have been selling for an average of over $1,800 on the web. I am list it for less to give you more than enough money to make the small repairs that this bike needs to make a very good running or show bike. FEATURES- This bike is a rare bike, as it was only sold in the US in 1981 and 1982 (1982 model in silver and black only). It was also sold in Europe for a few more years with a slightly restyled tail end (this is why I was able to find some of the parts I needed in Germany, Australia, & Japan - see below). It has a one of a kind tank, headlight, seat, sidecover emblems, and enclosed drive chain assy. You will have a hard time finding another one in the US like it for sale at this price (the average US selling price for a 1981 Yamaha XV920 is currently over $1,800.00). HISTORY- I purchased this bike used and incomplete back in 1999 out of Fort Worth, TX. I then spent over one year looking for the correct tank, seat, etc. to restore it back to original OEM condition. (Found the tank in Australia, one side cover emblem in Germany, seat in Japan, etc.) As you can see I have some real money invested in this bike (over $3,000). I rode it for approx. 2 months and then the carbs. started to plug up with small rust bits from the tank. I stopped riding it in the fall, drained the gas tank, and was planning on cleaning the carbs. out and sealing the tank in the spring. But I ended up getting another bike during the winter and so never got around to getting this done. So in the spring of 2000 I removed the battery, drained the oil, and sprayed engine store oil into the carbs., cyl, etc. to but the bike into pre-long storage. Since that time I have only removed the bike and trailered it to different bike shows (the most recent was the Goodland Flatlands Bike Show just 2 weeks ago where it placed first in the antique Asian class). I have used the electric starter to turn the motor over just two nights ago, to make sure that everything was still in working order, and it turns-over (with compression & spark) just like it did in 1999 when I parked it. NOTE- If this bike is not everything I stated about, buyer has the option to request a full refund of his 50% depostit when his come out to pick up the bike.
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